Short Bio

/bʌɪˈō/ : a written account of a person’s life.

If you must know…

I left my own country in my twenties and never looked back.
I feel at home in foreign lands. English is my first language by choice if not by birth.
I am a bit of a perfectionist and it holds me back sometimes.
I like to break rules or redefine them.
I live in a city by the ocean where the horizon is infinite.
I love cats. I love my cat. I cannot imagine my life without cats.
I like to chase dreams because they feel wonderful when you catch them.
I don’t have many friends but the ones I have, I have for life.
I always knew one day I would travel and one day I would write.
I also knew it would take time and a few detours, but that’s OK.
I once entered a writing contest for a famous French jewelry maker with a stunning ring as first price.
I wear that ring everyday to remind me that what I do best is tell stories.
I write because it is the one thing that gives me an absolute sense of fulfillment even on bad days.
I find words intoxicating in a good way.
I believe that ‟the only exciting life is the imaginary one”.*
I am passionate about my life.

On a lighter note, you can read my semi-fictional interview here.


* –Virginia Woolf