In the works

/ˈin /thə /ˈwərks/ : in the process of being prepared, developed, or completed

Willow’s Bluff

A prequel to Sight Unseen and the Debunkers series, Willow’s Bluff (working title) sets the stage for a teenaged Beamer’s first and brief encounter with Emily Bloodrun, fifteen years before Sight Unseen. A murder in a small town, an investigation that links to similar cases, two teenagers — Beamer and his friend Holly, the main detective’s daughter — conducting their own parallel investigation, until they find themselves into harm’s way. A must read to understand the quirky, peculiar relationship between Emily and Beamer when their paths cross again years later.
(With the participation of Alfred Boudry, my partner in crime).

Fucking Icons / Dans nos rêves

A Transmedia Art Collective endeavor set to become a crowdfunding project, this large scale, project started as the brainchild of Alfred Boudry and quickly took on a new dimension as the combination of texts, sounds, images and videos. The foundation of the story is set in Hollywood and focuses on movie stars whose death by suicide was cause for speculation. Is there a common thread? Are there “uncontroled external factors”? Is it pure coincidence, or evil deeds? In short, “qui a éteint les étoiles?” — who snuffed out the stars?